Paris Photo Shoot Location: Louvre

Would you like to book a photo session at the Louvre ? As a photographer who often has shoots in this location, please allow me to walk you through the pros and cons of a photo session at the Louvre :) 

The Louvre museum is one of the most famous museums in the world and is the “most visited” art museum in the entire world. The Louvre museum was converted from it’s primary use as palace in the the late 1700s. From that time on it has drawn in Art lovers from around the world to see some of the most historical and important pieces of art still in existence. 

Not only does the Louvre host historical architecture (some of which dates as far back to the 12th century), but it is also the famous (or infamous in France) for the Louvre Pyramid constructed at the end of the 1980s by designer I.M. Pei. The glass contemporary structure is one of the most iconic spots in Paris, and is honestly one of the main attractions of a photo session at the Louvre.

So what are the pros and cons to a photo session at the Louvre? 

Pros of a photo session at the Louvre:

- It is an iconic space with many spots for interesting photos 

- It is central and can be matched with: Palais Royal, Pont des Arts, Ile de la Cite, or Jardin des Tuileries in a one hour session 

- The Louvre is located in the exact centre in Paris, and not far from almost all of the arrondissements of Paris 

- Geographically large, therefore, lots of space to play with 

- The glass of the pyramid can make of interesting and dynamic photographs 

- Directly on a metro line and many buses in the area 

Cons of a photo session at the Louvre

- It is perhaps the biggest tourist attraction in Paris and therefore gets busy quite early 

- Central, therefore I high traffic area 

- No Eiffel Tower views 

- Not much covered spaced therefore is best only at certain times of the day 

- Sunset shoots can be difficult as the space is quite crowded 

Here of some photos I have done from different photo sessions at the Louvre : 

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