Paris Photo Shoot Location: Montmartre

Want to plan a Montmartre Photo Session ? 

There are lots of areas to choose from when planning to do a photo shoot in Paris, however, I think a Montmartre photo session is one of the best (although this is my neighbourhood so I’m a little bit bias). 

Montmartre is situated on the north end of the city and hosts fabulous views and cute cobble stone streets. It  is home the beautiful church of Sacré-Cœur, that has a landing that looks over the entirety of Paris.  This hilltop community historically played host to the homes of some of the major artists and intellects of Parisienne history.  Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh and Renoir are just some of the great minds that lived and worked in this quaint artists community. The rich history of the arrondissent amplifies it’s charm and makes a Montmartre photo shoot something that is unique, diverse and truly Parisienne. 

Why Montmartre ?

The pros of a Montmartre photo shoot are simple : 

  • The cobbled stoned streets and old fashioned store fronts makes this area quintesentially Parisienne 
  • The hills and dynamic landscape make interesting and pleasing perspectives for photos 
  • Being at the highest point of the city, allows for breathtaking views 
  • There are many landmarks and historical establishments 
  • It is rich in colour and design 
  •  It is quite a large area therefore it allows for more room to explore and play with during a shoot 
  • As it is on top of a hill there are areas where you can photograph both sunrise and sunset quite nicely 

Why Not Montmartre ? .

The cons of a Montmartre photo shoot : .

  • It is on the far north end of the city (so can be far from some hotels and airbnbs depending on where clients are staying) 
  • It is hilly and can involve lots of stairs (not the right choice for less mobile clients i.e. those traveling with strollers or wheelchairs) 
  • It is a major tourist attraction, so tends to get quite busy later in the day and in the summer 
  • As it is a tourist attraction lots of con artists and pick pockets tend to hang out in this area (have your wits about you) 
  • If you want to look for other locations check out my other options : Palais Royale, Eiffel Tower, Île de la Cité or The Louvre 

Thinking of planning your own Montmartre photo shoot? Here are some of my client photos that I have done in this area :) 

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