Paris Love Story: Proposal Photoshoots

Are you looking to do a surprise proposal in Paris ? I do many proposal photoshoots, but Sam & Dylan had to be one of my favourite surprise proposals in Paris.  Dylan and Sam were visiting from my home town Toronto, Canada, and Dylan had reached out to me a few months before when he decided he wanted to do a surprise proposal in Paris. I helped him plan everything he wanted which included balloons, flower petals and a video and photo half-day shoot.  A surprise proposal in Pairs, can be a glamour and exciting way to pop the question, I can help to Crete bespoke packages that include whatever it is the you want to make the day super special! 

Looking to do your own surprise proposal in Paris ? Here are some of the add ons that I am happy to help you organize and include: 

- Champagne and glasses for two 

- Balloons 

- Cake 

- Flowers 

- Picnics for two (breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack) 

- Video of “popping the question” as well as a video portrait you can cherish forever 

- Surprise audience of friends and family 

- A livestream to friends and family abroad 

- Horse and carriage to whisk you away

- Vintage car to whisky you away 

- Anything else special you want for your surprise proposal in Paris

Whatever you want for your surprise proposal in Paris, I can help to accommodate ! 

The best part of the surprise proposal in Paris is that we can split our session up, do a few before the question, capture the moment of excitement and then turn it into an “engagement shoot”. Here is some of the hundreds of photos I sent Dylan and Sam from our special morning together. I will also post the video portrait I made for them.

Sam & Dylan are just one example of dozens of couples I have shot a surprise Paris proposal for.  If you are interested in seeing more check out the grid below. If you are interested in booking your own, please reach out or see my booking page.  Or simply click here to send me an email. Thank you for reading about the services I offer for surprise Paris proposals, maybe it’s where your forever love story starts  ;) 

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