Paris Photo Shoot Location: Trocadero

Would you like to book an Eiffel Tower photo shoot? Shooting photos at the Eiffel Tower is one of the most common activities to do when traveling to Paris.  Sometimes its better to get these candid shots with a professional rather than risk, having memories that are terrible selfies. This is one the most iconic, and shot landmarks in the world, up there with the grand canyon, the pyramids and Empire State building.  So what are some thing to note when you book an Eiffel Tower photo shoot? 

Listen up! 

When we you book an Eiffel Tower shoot there are many locations to choose from, however, the most widely used is the Trocadero landing, where we have brilliant views of the tower! Because the landing has staircases and height difference, there are some heavily used photo spots which can make it seem, like it is just the subject and the tower, a popular look for tourist to want to get ;)

Trocadero’s namesake was actually a battle fought by France against the Spanish in the year 1823.  The French celebrated their capturing of the “Isla del Trocadero” in the southern region of Spain. So if you have thought that this name sounded more Spanish then French you were right! 

Half a decade later the French built the Palace du Trocadero in this location (1878). However, it was later taken down and replaced with another palace named the Palais de Chaillot. The main difference between the 2 palaces was that Palais de Chaillot, left a gapping space between the 2 sections of buildings which left unobstructed views of the Eiffel Tower. This is the area modern day photographer’s use as the perfect landing site for the best Eiffel Tower shot you can get. 

In an hour you can usually match this with Bir Hakeim to diversify your shoot the most. 

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Here are some of the pros of an Eiffel Tower Photoshoot : 

- best views of the tower (in my opinion) 

- iconic and timeless views

- lots of history 

- well known and recognized as “Paris” 

- facing south so you have lovely sunrises and beautiful light in the morning

Here are some cons of an Eiffel Tower photoshoot: 

- can be VERY crowded an often time we spend time waiting for other photographers to finish just to get a place, which reduces time shooting

- besides the Eiffel Tower there is not much else to shoot in the surrounding area 

- lots of hills and stairs for people with any sort of physical restrictions 

- done so much it can be borderline cliché

- limited shade therefore only times that work are very early in the morning (also gets quite crowded in the day)

- Eiffel Tower is backlit for sunset shoots (not favourable) 

- LOT OF PICK POCKETS and people are robbed her quite frequently 

Still not sure if you want to book an Eiffel Tower Photoshoot? 

Here are some of my favourite images that I have shot in this location: 

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