Portraits of Paris- Video Portraits 

All video portraits are directed, shot and edited by Tara Lengyel. Like my photo portraiture I try to capture the essence of the person. 

Video Portrait - Molly & Wes

What could be cuter than a mommy baby video portrait? 

Follow me as I capture the cuteness of Molly and her baby Wesley. What is more special than the connection that mom and baby share. 

I love these two. 

Video Portrait - Gillian 

This is a video portrait of the beautiful Gillian. Sunrise in Paris beside the smile of this natural beauty was almost too much loveliness to capture. 

Have a soft spot for this video as I feel it really captured the essence of Gillian. 

Video Portrait - Eleni 

My work becomes easy when I have a subject this beautiful. 

I got to follow Eleni around one spring evening in Paris, making this video just before sunset. What a beautiful person to capture a portrait of ! 

Video Portrait - Alice & Ivan 

Clients Alice & Ivan wanted a specifically Parisienne flare to their video portrait. Set to get married this year, it was a perfect time to capture the love of their engagement time. 

Don't they make a beautiful couple ? 

Video Portrait - Clara

The sultry video portrait is of Clara who is a part time model. Despite the sun showers which rain on our parade for a bit, I had a lovely time walking around Palais Royale and Trocadero with her, capturing her beautiful smile. 

Can't believe how lovely she looks :) 

Video Portrait - Kiki 

Kiki was a travel blogger, and especially wanted to capture the city of Paris in her video portrait. With only 2 short hours to film, Kiki and I explored the district of Montmartre where we used the stunning backdrop as a character in her portrait. 

What is a better background than my favourite neighbourhood in Paris? 

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