Full Day of Video- Production Only - Flexible Locations and Subject Matter

€800.00 EUR

Full Day of video production/ cinematography. Flexible in terms of subject matter and number of locations.  This is a package for production/ cinematography only. The post production will be a separate cost (see post production packages). Every hour after the 8 hour maximum will be charge at 100 euros per hour. A shoot will only run into overtime if Tara Lengyel's schedule allows for such overtime. 

* all video projects must be confirmed by Tara Lengyel before payment is made and date is held. Tara Lengyel will have final say on whether the scope of the project fits the package the client choosing. 

*all post production of a project must be done by Tara Lengyel at additional costs (see post production packages)

*all transportation of equipment to, during and from shoot with be paid for by the client

*photo and video packages can include hair and makeup services for an added fee of 200 euros per day

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