Paris Photo Shoot Location: Palais Royale

Are you looking to do a photoshoot at Palais Royal ? Palais Royal is one of hidden gems of Paris and is an amazing place to have your Parisienne photoshoot. A photoshoot at Palais Royal is potentially something less iconic that the Eiffel Tower, however, it is still quintessentially Paris and has a plethora of different spots and cute corner to use as a backdrop.  The best thing about choosing a to do your photoshoot at Palais Royal, is that it is very central and often can be paired with another location such as the Louvre, Pont des Arts, Ile de la Cite or even Notre Dame. The beautiful black and white art installation known as  ”The Colonnes de Buren” or ”Les Deux Plateaux”  can help give a photoshoot at Palais Royal that classic and chic vibe. This artwork was created by Daniel Buren in the mid eighties and gives the space a contemporary edge. Although the installation has the right reserved for any commercial or promotional use, family photos, couples photos or portrait session can make good use of the space. 

Combined with the gardens and fountains just beside the art installation, and the well lit, light coloured hallways, there are so many spots to take amazing photos during your photoshoot at Palais Royal. 

What are the pros to a photoshoot at Palais Royal?

  • Variety of backdrops and locations, also close to many other locations therefore my clients who choose this spot have lots of diversity in gallery 
  • Very central so it is close to many apartment stays, hotel and hostels
  • Very close to many metro and bus stops 
  • Simple, plain and chic spaces make it the BEST spot for professional portraits in my opinion 
  • Lots of covered spaces, therefore possibility to shoot later in the day (even in harsh sun) therefore there is flexibility in schedule time 
  • Much less crowded than Eiffel Tower locations
  • Less cliche than the Eiffel Tower therefore more unique and special 
  • Lots of cute cafes and coffee shops around if you want to take a break and warm up or have some picture enjoying your coffee

What are the cons to a photoshoot at Palais Royal? 

  • No Eiffel Tower views which can be less iconic/ desire for some clients 
  • Although there is less photoshoots than the Eiffel Tower, it is a busy passage way and can have LOTS of crowds 
  • Lots of businesses around so lunchtime can  be very crowded 
  • The Colonnes de Buren” are protected and therefore can not be used for any promotional or commercial use 

Here are some of the photos I have done at Palais Royal and in the gardens / cafes in around. 

Hopefully this give you a better idea of how a photoshoot at Palais Royal could turn out for you! 

If you want to move forward with this location don’t hesitate to book ! 

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